"Alpinism is a passion always swinging between sanity and insanity. I love playing passion."

Hansjörg Auer


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Born in 1984. Certified teacher for Mathematics and Sports. Mountain Guide.

Climbed my first summit of a 3000m peak by fair means in 1990. I know how it feels to wear climbing shoes since 1996. Started my carreer as a professional climber in 2008, when I quit teaching kids at secondary school.


Free Solo Tempi Moderni (6c/ 800 m), Fish (7b+/ 850 m), Locker vom Hocker (7a/ 350 m), Bayrischer Traum (7a/ 400 m) and Mephisto (6c+/400m)

First Ascent of Bruderliebe (8b/800m) and the First Free Ascent of L’ultimo dei Paracadutisti (8b+/ 650 m) on Marmolada Southwestface

First Ascent of Kunyang Chhish East (7400 m) via the 2700 m high Southwestface

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First Ascent - Trailer

Bruderliebe #1

Waiting Game - Trailer

Bruderliebe #2


Waiting for Godot

"How to access towards an idea can make the difference. I’m am not climbing better than my forerunners."

Hansjörg Auer


A close call, a serious decision to be taken within a few seconds. The experience you get out of it is exactly what all is about. Intense feelings. I’m not the guy who would be happy by going a step back. Life is too short to miss it out and the thirst for living the moment and the great unknown is always strong for me. But cutting edge alpinism means taking risk. I try to work situation sorin benefits to make it reasonable.

I share two different lectures for public audience.

Furthermore I also offer GLIMPSE, a keynote speech for a smaller and private audience.

Get in touch: info@hansjoerg-auer.at

 Ganz Normal.

Free Solo Climbing, Winter-Climbing in the Alps and the first ascent of Kunyang Chhish East (7400m) in the Karakorum Mountains.

Hansjörg will talk about his passion in Free Solo Climbing and will take the viewer on a journey from the wintry peaks and towers of the Alps to the mountains of the Karakorum in Pakistan. An area of desolation and the counterpart in terms of accessibility and hustle. The first ascent of Kunyang Chhish East (7400m) in the Karakorum Mountains via the 2700m high Southwestface is another highlight of his career so far. An achievement that has reached an enormous international echo.


The Beginning, Fish Free Solo, Marmolada – New Wave and Bigwall Climbing in Perfection Valley at Baffin Island’s East Coast.

The Free Solo ascent of the „Fish“ is without doubt one of the greatest achievements in history of alpinism. But Hansjörg is not only speaking about climbing. Who is going with him? Who is giving him inspiration? He will also tell the stories of his new route „Bruderliebe“ and the first free ascent of „L´ultimo dei Paracadutisti“, both climbs on the southface of Marmolada. During the second part of his lecture, he will take the audience far up north to Perfection Valley on the East Coast of Baffin Island.

Current lectures.

Ötztaler Klettercamp (AUT)
04.08. – 07.08.2016 (more)

IMS – International Mountain Summit Brixen (ITA) – Ganz Normal
13.10. + 15.10.2016

Ulm Sparkassendome (GER) – Ganz Normal

Casino Velden (AUT) – Ganz Normal


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